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Tuesday, 22 December 2009
We are happy to announce the launch of our new and improved website.Using the latest in Dynamic Website Technology, the Golden Cup Coffee Shop More...

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Phone: 021 426 1268
Fax: 021 426 1268
Cell: 082 258 2831

Business Address:

59 Loop Street
Cape Town
South Africa

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Welcome to the Golden cup Coffee Shop

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Anthony’s Golden cup Coffee Shop offers 45 years of experience in Roasting, blending and packing, bringing you the best African (South African; Malawian; Cameroonian; Ethiopian; Burundian; Kenya Colossian ect.) and South American (Colombian; Costa Rican; Guatemalan ect.) Coffees. We Offer a variety of blends from Blue Mountain; Old Vienna and French to Mocha Java and Espresso.

 And don’t forget ‘The Golden Cup Special Household Blend’ and our ‘Out Of Africa Blend’ !

We cater for Hotels, Boarding Houses, Offices and the Public.
You are welcome to try a cup at our shop 59 Loop Street; Cape Town.

How to make a Cappuchino

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